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The Customer Centric Business page provides the Five Tenets for the Customer Centric Approach to Business and the Nine Imperatives for Leaders.  The CCB page also covers the Architecture for Customer Engagement, sales and leading sales teams, for better the results.  There are also details about the Profit By Design workshops and the Small-to-Medium sized business package to get marketing and sales alignment. 

The Manage Performance | PuMP page shows how to important measures are for business success.  Using Stacey Barr's PuMP method, the workshops and training available as well as the Evidence Based Leadership framework.  There are details here on the PuMP in-house workshops, Coaching for Performance program, and the Small-to-Medium sized business package on strategy and planning. 

Feel free to make contact with me through the Contact page, LinkedIn or on email mark@markhocknell.com.

Businesses and organisations are value delivery systems. 

Systems that come together to deliver value for your groups of customers (like the image above).  If you are siloed, internally competitive, disorganised,  then the overall experience for the customer will be chaotic, and the result of your business poor, at best - at worst you are going out of business it is just a matter of time.  

If we look at this as a continuum -the left-hand end is chaotic and poor delivery of value, the other end is fully aligned and optimised delivery of customer value.  Businesses to the right end of the continuum will achieve better results.  Then, relative to the alternatives available to your customers, you will outperform the market.  Success. 
Today most businesses and organisations are somewhere in the middle of this continuum. 

I collaborate with people as a coach, mentor, consultant and speaker to ignite the fire within teams, to bring clarity to your key challenges and to build your confidence in how to align your resources and maximise your results.


Mark regularly delivers practical and engaging presentations at Meetups, conferences and corporate events on topics such as: Customer Centric Business, Performance Measurement (using PuMP), Profit by Design, Customer Engagement, Change Management, Selling (B2C and B2B), Leading Sales Teams, CRM, Coaching for Performance. 

Mark has delivered workshops and presentations around Australia, and in Auckland, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur.

(photo credit: Oakley Kwon)

The You Tube clip below is a segment of a presentation/workshop at Fishburners in Brisbane, December 2016.

There is one constant: change.  Change is the only thing that does not change.

Bill Gates  once said – we tend underestimate the change in two years time and overestimate the change in ten years time.  To me this means we think it is there is going to be big change in the future (10 years) but don’t think it’s going to happen soon.

Actively engage with change, leverage the opporunity in change.

Mark uses (and blends) the Prosci method of change management into his engagements.  The key principle is about seeking individual change (ADKAR) and this realises that organisations don't change unless individuals do.  In other words, pay attention to individual change and when enough individuals change, on mass you get organisational change. 

Workshop design and facilitation

We use workshops today a lot to allow people to buy-in, collaborate, build teams, facilitate change or build plans (and just about anything else we can think of). 

The best workshops are those that are well designed and facilitated.  Mark's approach is to define/describe the optimal outcomes of the workshop, then collaboratively design the flow of activities in the workshop to reach those outcomes (preparation is the key to a succesful workshop). 

Building Capability
Forget the standard training packages, let's build skill and capability.

Mark has developed and delivered a broad range of capability development programs; including performance improvement; coaching for performance; customer engagement (B2B or B2C); account management; managing sales/service teams; developing customer centricity;  and others specifically designed for a business.

Let's design the workshop to get the key content across then allow people to engage and practice new techniques and tools.  In short blocks of time that allow people build their new skill progressively.
Three proven workshops that can be delivered In-house for your business and applied to your context, PuMP Blueprint workshop,  Coaching for Performance, and Profit by Design.

And if you are curious, here is some background information on Mark.

Mark collaborates with leaders of organisations (of all sizes) to improve their profitability and engagement (with customers and employees), and build high-performing teams. 

He works as a business educator, consultant, speaker and mentor specialising in the customer centric approach to business and leveraging organisational performance measurement to develop a high-performance business (PuMP® and evidence-based leadership).
Mark seeks to free organisations from the industrial age management thinking and practice that no longer works - to align their resources, continually improve and deliver value for their customers and realise their results.  With specialisations in Customer Centric Business, managing performance, realising change, strategic and business planning, Mark uses his skills to help lift organisations and businesses above the mire of out-dated approaches to get the change and results they are striving for. 

The Customer Centric Approach to Business helps with getting our thinking aligned with customers, employees and higher levels of profitability and engagement.  PuMP, Stacey Barr's performance measurement method, helps with getting alignment of results and developing and using performance measures for a continuous improvement journey to better outcomes.
25 years experience - 10 years as a consultant, delivering 180+ client engagements with 50 different organisations, backed by 15 years in management roles, most of these years with Suncorp.  Add to this 8 years as a sessional academic with the Graduate School of Business (QUT Brisbane) where Mark developed and delivered two courses - Sales Management and Customer Relationship Management (CRM).  Today Mark is a pragmatic thinker with a broad range of experience and practical application of proven methods.

Principles and Values:  Personal and professional integrity.  Accountability, responsibly and ownership.  Openness and clear communication.  Adventure - working in our businesses should be fun, there should be a spirit of discovery, seeking to understand, engaging with people, to apply our learning, to improve our results.  Let's look to these engagement as adventures in seeking improvements.

Make Contact to continue the conversation.

Mark has authored two study guides that were published by the QUT - Sales Management (2003), and Customer Relationship Management (2005), and two e-Books as core reading for the Griffith University course, Selling and Sales Management (2015).  He has also written nearly 20 whitepapers (covering, customer centric business, performance management and other contemporary management issues.  These publications are available to you as PDFs, just go to the Contact Mark page and get in touch.  He regularly posts articles on LinkedIn and is a guest author on other websites, including CustomerThink.

Qualifications - MBA (Masters of Business Administration) from QUT, is a Certified PuMP Consultant and Partner (PuMP is the performance measurement method developed by Stacey Barr), and has achieved Prosci Change Management method certification.  Mark is a Net Promoter Score (NPS) Certified Associate, a Cognitive Edge Accredited Practitioner and a WorkOut™ Facilitator.  He is an Associate Fellow with the Australian Institute of Management and has also held CIP (Certified Insurance Professional) status with ANZIIF.

Mark is based in South-East Queensland Australia.