Managing Performance
The result of  performance management is to sustain performance improvement over time. 

Today, your success and the success of your organisation is based on your ability to sustain performance improvement overtime.  

And this sustained performance improvement is predicated on how you articulate and focus your goals/results and KPIs on measures that are about improving performance and realising the results you want. 

Value can be extracted from all data points and the leaders establish a culture that loves to improve their performance.
This organisational capability is a combination of technical competence and social skills. 

These competencies and skills come together through a managed interplay between management behaviours, performance measurement (development and usage) and how you manage your data.
(note KPIs are: performance measures with targets)

Performance Measurement - PuMP®

PuMP® is the Performance Measurement Process developed by Stacey Barr (see: www.staceybarr.com).  This method is used around the globe, and notably used by the Balanced Scorecard Institute of the USA.

This is a proven method to engage people with performance measurement.  Creates a common language around measurement and performance, assists organisations define the results implied in their strategy.  Provides a measure design technique to ensure we get meaningful feedback on the results where we are trying to get improvement.  Measure Gallery's are a great way to build excitement and buy-in for performance measurement (yes, that's right, excitement!).  

The last four steps of PuMP® are about bringing the measures to life in the organisation and getting the improvements we all strive for.

Mark is a PuMP® Partner, with ten years experince applying the methodology with organisations of all sizes.. 
Mark also teaches the Performance Measurement Blueprint Workshop in-house - meaning you can book Mark to deliver the 2-Day Workshop for your organisation.

  1. PuMP Blueprint Workshop, delivered in-house.  Discover and apply the complete eight steps of PuMP across two days.  Practice the PuMP tools and techniques whilst applying them to your our business context.
    ​(PDF below with more details)

  2. Evidence Based Leadership Program - half-day program on the three habits evidence based leaders use to inspire decision, action and learning within their organisations.  It's not about how to lead, it's about what to lead for maximum impact.

  3. Strategic KPI Immersion - two day program for leaders to determine the strategic layer of results, and then design the measures for those results.  Prioritisation and target setting to determine the strategic KPIS.

  4. PuMP Implementer Program.  Using half-day and full day workshops across six to eight weeks, your team/s learn and apply each of the eight steps of PuMP to develop high-impact KPIs and build capability in continuous improvement.

  5. PuMP coaching and consulting to support your teams to us good performance measurement practice to reach your targets.  Can be delivered face-to-face or over the phone.

Contact Mark for a free 20 minute consult (phone or Skype) to see if PuMP can help your organisation with your performance measurement  struggles.


Here is a PDF providing more detail and pricing on the PuMP In-house workshop.

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Evience Based Leadership is a new program designed by Stacey Barr.  

It is designed for Executive Leaders and Managers - it is about how to master and inspire the habits of the high-performance organisation.  It is not about how to lead - it is about what to lead.

There are three habits of high-performance that the evidence-based leader masters.
These habits are: direction, evidence, and execution.

Direction is about articulating a well-designed strategy, that is results-oriented, understandable to everyone, and ruthlessly prioritised (that is ruthless on the prioritisation, not the people).

Evidence is about setting meaningful performance measures for each strategic goal, that are quantitative, aligned to what matters, and focused on improvement.

Execution is about getting the corporate strategy implemented and the strategic goals achieved, using the leverage found in continuous improvement of business processes.

To inspire the high-performance habits organisation-wide, evidence-based leaders use three specific processes.
These processes are inspiring decision, inspiring action, and inspiring learning.
  • Inspiring decision is all about helping people take ownership for the results that matter, by role-modelling ownership, getting their buy-in and giving them a clear line of sight to the corporate strategy:
  • Inspiring action is about helping people get the right things done to achieve the results that matter, through a focus on causal analysis, practicality and collaboration.
  • Inspiring learning is about helping people make working ON the business a normal part of their work, by adopting an experimental mindset, learning from failure, and succeeding sooner.

Contact Mark for a copy of the Evidence Based Leadership Whitepaper.

Or pick up a copy of Stacey Barr's second book (published 2017): Prove it!  How to create a high-performance culture and measurable success.

Recent Strategic KPI Immersion program in Melbourne. 

This program engages the leaders and key managers across the business to, firstly articulate the performance results that represent the achievement of their strategy, mission and purpose.  Then, designing measures for the results.  Once the Results and Measures are described we then prioritise and develop an action plan to further integrate within the business and ensure buy-in.

Tired of seeing your strategy or business plan
collect dust..?

Sick of seeing your plans not get implemented..?

Frustrated with constantly having to make decisions on what the strategy really is..?

This is a special offering for small to medium sized businesses to get your strategy and planning working - now.

Within One Week (elapsed time) you will have a Concise Plan to guide your implementation of your strategy and business plan.

Download the PDF below for more details and pricing.

Coaching for Performance 
There are three contracts in place for each employee.  Firstly, there is an employment contract between the organisation and the employeeteam member, secondly what is referred to as the "psychological contract".  The psychological contract is the reciprocal extension of trust and discretion that creates a social exchange of obligations extending beyond those of economic exchange in the employment contract.  The psychological contract is how the team member feels about working for the organisation, are they proud to say where they work..? 

However, most organisations ignore what Mark refers to as the triad of the emotional contract, the third and possibly the most important contract.  Understanding this mental-model helps team leaders realise their responsibilities towards their employeeteam smembers and provides the mindset to develop effective, behavioral based relationships with their people.   The reason most people leave a role is the declining quality of the relationship between the employeeteam member and their team leader (manager/supervisor).  "People don't change jobs, they change managers or supervisors..."

This framework gives us a structure to agree standards of performance, ensure there is ongoing two-way dialogue about how those standards of performance are going.  And collaboratively developing opportunities to improve performance.

This model is applied as an agenda for a regular meeting between the manager and employee team member meet to Review Performance.  The manager can provide Feedback and Counselling, and together develop an Action Plan for both the development of capabilities and the actions to be undertaken against objectives in the performance plan.  A key part of the Review is to evaluate the extent of completed actions/effort from previous agreed action plan.  Monitor, Evaluate, and Recognise occurs within the meeting, but also daily between the regular meetings.  Executed well and consistently, the regular performance discussion provides motivation for employeeteam members by: Establishing a basis of trust between the manager and the employeeteam member; Demonstrating that the manager is interested in the team member  and their personal development; Facilitating open and focused two-way communication; Providing opportunities to improve capability and performance; and Allows for best-practice sharing.

This approach is the basis of the Coaching for Performance Program, (designed and delivered by Mark) to build capability in performance management and improvement with team leaders and managers.  

Contact Mark for a free 20 minute consult (phone or Skype) to see if Coaching for Performance can help your organisation.


Here is a PDF that provides more detail on the Coaching for Performance series of workshops.

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Kind words from people who have worked with Mark:

"Mark has been my closest colleague and client for the past eight years, particularly in our shared passion for organisational performance measurement and helping our clients create high-performance organisations. Mark's customer-centric approach is authentic and leading-edge and I've only ever heard his clients speak about him with praise. Some even say he's become part of their 'family'. I trust Mark to deliver my programs (he is the most experience consultant I have licensed to use the PuMP methodology) more than anyone else on the planet. His style is unique for someone of his experience and knowledge: humble, encouraging, engaging and results-focused."

Stacey Barr - Performance Measurement & KPI Specialist ✦ Author of "Practical Performance Measurement" and "Prove It" ✦ Creator of PuMP

We engaged Mark to guide us in developing effective KPIs to drive execution of our Transformation Program.

Mark helped us create a Strategy Map for the organisation, coached us in effective measure design using the PUMP Methodology and taught us how to organise and run a Measures Gallery which facilitated co-design of our strategic measures with over 500 of our staff.

I have had years of working with KPIs and performance measurement, but was amazed at the effective and logical approach of the PUMP Methodology. Further, Mark’s professional and considered manner and his passion for performance measurement make him a pleasure to work with and learn from. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Mark or the PUMP Methodology to anyone who is serious about getting performance measurement right.

Josh - Program Manager
Sydney Water

Mark Hocknell  was engaged to lead our newly formed Corporate Services Unit through a business planning day. We approached Mark because of his specialist expertise in customer relationship management.  The objective of the day was to bring together a diverse group of professionals to form a common understanding of the role and direction of the team.

Mark introduced the concept of result mapping (PuMP®) and used this tool to help the team focus on outcomes and not just outputs. As a result of Mark's facilitation the team agreed to common values and behaviours, had a better understanding of our diverse client stakeholder groups, and a clearer understanding of the results we wanted to achieve. All in all the day was an important first step in our business planning process. 

Kelly- Business Strategy Manager
Qld Government, Health

Mark Hocknell Consultant Speaker Mentor Author Coach